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Steve Hugel - Fall 2002

Gerald, thanks for the Exbal ballistics program. Greg Tannel @ Gre'-Tan Rifles put this XP 6.5-284 together for me 3 days before the Colo. Bighorn sheep season began due to a holdup in the procurement of the stock. I had several loads ready to go using Hornady's 129 gr. SST. One load went into 3/4 M.O.A. @ 2950 f.p.s. m.v. With only one day remaining before season, I punched the figures into your program, and optimized the Ballistic Plex reticle in the Burris 3-12X LER pistol scope. I ran out to the range again, ran in the clicks to obtain the required 200 yd. zero, and took 2 shots each at 275 + 400 yds. to verify impact points on the reticle according to Exbal. It was right on the money. 5 days into the hunt a 3/4 X 7/8ths curl ram presented me with a 300 yd. opportunity. Seconds later the bullet struck perfectly behind the shoulder. I only wish you could have been there to help pack it out 3 miles at 11,000 ft. Thanks again for contributing to a successful once-in-a-lifetime hunt.

Steve Hugel

Steve Hugel
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Update from Steve - February 2003

Using the same long range pistol and scope, Steve bagged a coyote at 906 yards (measured via laser). Steve used Exbal to optimize trajectories out to 600 yards. However this coyote would not come any closer and would not respond to calling. So rather than miss the chance, Steve dialed in the come ups calculated by Exbal for 900 yards, got a good steady hold using his Harris bipod and his knee for grip support, and then squeezed off a perfect shot hitting the coyote in the middle of the chest. Steve may be appearing in some future Hornady publications.


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Sniper's Paradise

The Exbal program that Gerald Perry installed into my Palm is a new version of the Exbal desktop software program that I have used extensively. The desktop is easy to use and very accurate. I was delighted to have a version on a Palm that could be taken into the field and used as I was shooting. Desktop software is nice, but the non-portability is troublesome at times. Changing conditions will dictate that you use different data than what is on your printout.

The key to using the Palm version is inputting accurate, real time information into the system. I recently field-tested this unit at a match at the Badlands Training facility in Granfield, Oklahoma. During range sessions the day before the competition, the winds were blowing at 15 and gusts to 25. The Palm Exbal software worked flawlessly even under continually changing conditions. The drift and drop data was spot on.

The dope that is necessary for a shooter at extended ranges changes on a minute to minute basis, and Exbal was up to the task. I won that competition, scoring first round hits at every target distance out to 1000 yards. I did not have to carry a data book. All data is real time, instant, and accurate. It was a bit disconcerting to trust the software, and ignore gut feelings concerning wind. It is analogous to a pilot having to trust the instruments during bad weather. However, it did work, and I ended up with first position in the match.

Jacob Bynum
Sniperís Paradise


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