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Welcome to Perry-Systems web site, home of Perry's Exbal Ballistic Calculator software.  Our goal is to provide world class exterior ballistics software to help you get the greatest possible value for your investment.  Our aim is to help you make every shot perfect.  If you are shooting for score, our product will give you a competitive advantage when you take it to the range with you.  If you are preparing for the hunt of a lifetime, our product will help you optimize the selection of ammunition and a sight-in strategy that will maximize your preparedness for all anticipated hunting circumstances.


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Current Versions:

See "Exbal Features"  for comparison.

Exbal PC version 10.0.3998 – Dec 2010

Exbal Palm version 5.5.3940 – Oct 2010

Exbal Pocket PC version 6.5.3940 – Oct 2010



* New Help version.


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Exbal for Windows PC

Exbal requires a Microsoft Windows 32 or 64 bit operating system. Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Vista. Earlier operating systems such as Windows 98 will not work.

Exbal for Handheld Devices


Attention Pocket PC Phone users:  While we have not advertised Exbal for Pocket PC Phone devices we have had reports from several users who have successfully installed the Pocket PC version of Exbal on Pocket PC Phone devices running the Windows Mobile 5.x OS or later. See the new white paper which discusses the difference between Smart Phones and Pocket PC Phones.  SmartPhone.pdf


See overview of PPC Phone Devices and Windows Mobile 6 Professional OS



See listing of links to several Pocket PC Phones: 



Attention for Palm Users:  We have had users report installing the Palm version of Exbal on Palm Treo devices running the Palm OS.


For Users who do not have a PDA yet: For users who are trying to decide on use of a Palm vs Pocket PC we recommend the Pocket PC. It is based on the traditional Microsoft Windows platform so its user interface is familiar to most users. Microsoft is continually adding new features to the Windows Mobile OS.

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Exbal is available on the Palm Pilot.  Take it to the field and recalculate the ballistics to match your environment.  Exbal for Palm hand held devices uses the same rigorous ballistic motion equations that are used on the PC version.  Like the PC version, the Palm version is very efficient and does not require much memory (approximately 40K).  It has been validated on Palm OS 3.1, 3.5, 4.0 and 5.2 using systems with at least 1 MB of memory. (see Exbal Features for details)

Palm units with a memory card can take advantage of  a backup program that is available at www.jkware.com

Click on the Palm Pilot to the left to learn more about Exbal for hand held devices.

Exbal is also available for the Pocket PC platform.  This version also provides the option for use of the Metric System units. (see Exbal Features for details)

It requires:

  Windows Mobile™-based Pocket PC versions 3, 4, 5, and 6

  Windows Mobile™-based Pocket PC 2003 Second Edition

  Windows Mobile™-based Pocket PC 2003

  Windows Mobile™-based Pocket PC 2002





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